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Safe, secure, encrypted music and movie downloader

Safe, secure, encrypted music and movie downloader

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Program license: Free

Program by: App Master play

Version: 8.2

Works under: Windows

Also available for Android


Program license

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App Master play


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Download Free Music is a Windows program that lets you discover, download and convert music files.

While the days of Napster may be long gone, programs like Download Free Music have risen up to take its place. This approach, however, sidesteps the legal issues by only accessing public sources where copyright holders have shared music for free. The program also has an automatic update component that—unless you disable it—will automatically keep the software and available sources current.

Many of the public sources that Download Free Music uses are quite high-profile, such as YouTube and Vimeo. The program also uses services based in Russia, for instance, that many users may not be aware of it. If services require logging in, the program can even handle that for you automatically as needed.

What good is a music downloader if it doesn’t help you discover music? This is a major component of the app. Simply enter search terms broadly or for particular details, such as song title, artist and so on. Provided a query, the program will search all of the sources you have available to you and return consolidated search results.

Download Free Music can download music in whatever format its delivered in. If that format isn’t MP3, it can compress it into MP3 on the fly, and whether just downloading or converting, the program supports up to 10 concurrent files at time. As you discover new files, add them to the batch. As one finishes, the program will activate another until your queue is empty.

Download Free Music is highly customizable as well. You can dictate where it stores downloaded files, and the program supports deep folder layouts. You can set a file size limit as well as total file count, and you can also set a program to activate when these limits are reached. This allows for some advanced possibilities, such as triggering a script that further organizes or archives your downloads.

The biggest functional issue with Download Free Music is that search results aren’t ideal. The results are often numerous, but you’ll contend with duplicates and useless entries. Another potential issue is that programs like this one may be becoming dinosaurs as Spotify and other solutions like it become popular.


  • Access public sources
  • Download raw audio or convert to MP3
  • Download up to 10 files concurrently


  • Search results aren’t optimal

This download is no longer available. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason.

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